Anne Waldman (b. 1945)

A selective list of online literary criticism for Beat poet Anne Waldman, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

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introduction & biography

"Anne Waldman." A brief introduction to Waldman. Academy of American Poets

"Anne Waldman." Poetry Foundation. Encyclopedia-type introduction to Anne Waldman's themes, and techniques, with a biography and samples of poems.

"Anne Waldman." Audio files of Waldman reading. PennSound.

"Makeup on Empty Space," video of Anne Waldman's reading, at the U of Michigan, 2002.

literary criticism

Bardwell, Laura. "Anne Waldman's Buddhist 'Both Both.'" Jacket 27 (April 2005).

Codrescu, Andrei. "Who's Afraid of Anne Waldman?" Jacket 27 (April 2005).

Damon, Maria. "Making the World Safe for Poetry (or, How Is Anne Waldman Different from Woodrow Wilson?)" Jacket 27 (April 2005).

DuPlessis, Rachel Blau. Anne Waldman: Standing Corporeally in One's Time. Jacket 27 (April 2005).

Gilbert, Alan and Daron Mueller. Special edition of Jacket on Anne Waldman, edited by Alan Gilbert and Daron Mueller, Jacket 27 (April 2005). The articles were originally presentations at a symposium honoring the University of Michigan Special Collections Library's acquisition of Anne Waldman's archive. U of Michigan, March 13-15, 2002. [Articles are indexed here.]

Gilbert, Alan. "Anne Waldman Changing the Frequency." Jacket 27 (April 2005).

Hollo, Anselm. "Anne's School." Jacket 27 (April 2005).

Kyger, Joanne. "Anne Waldman: The Early Years... 1965-1970." Jacket 27 (April 2005).

Oliver, Akilah. "Hold the Space: The Poetics of Anne Waldman." Jacket 27 (April 2005).

Osman, Jena. "The Shifting States of Anne Waldman's 'Makeup on Empty Space.'" Jacket 27 (April 2005).

Prevallet, Kristin. "Navigating the New Chaos: Anne Waldman's Collaborations with Visual Artists." Jacket 27 (April 2005).

Rifkin, Libbie. "'My Little World Goes On St. Mark's Place:' Anne Waldman, Bernadette Mayer and the Gender of an Avant-Garde Institution," from a talk at the Page Mothers Conference at UCSD in San Diego, 1999.

Sikelianos, Eleni. "The Lefevre-Sikelianos-Waldman Tree and the Imaginative Utopian Attempt." Jacket 27 (April 2005).

Thomas, Lorenzo. "Anne Waldman: Finding Poetry's Public Voice." Jacket 27 (April 2005).

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