Stevie Smith (1902-1971)

A selective list of online literary criticism for 20th-century English poet Stevie Smith, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

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"Stevie Smith." A brief introduction to the poetry of Stevie Smith. Academy of American Poets.

"Stevie Smith." An introduction to Stevie Smith, discusses her techniques and ideas, includes samples of her poems, list of her books. Poetry Foundation.

May, William. "Stevie Smith." An introduction to Stevie Smith. Prof. May notes, "Stevie Smith has been increasingly recognised as one of the most important female British poets of the twentieth-century, and the most original voice to emerge from the 1930s." Literary Encyclopedia 18 Sept. 2006 [subscription service].

Bluemel, Kristin. "'Suburbs are not so bad I think': Stevie Smith's Problem of Place in 1930s and '40s London." Notes Bluemel, "In contrast to the vast majority of 1930s and '40s writers, she does not naively celebrate or thoughtlessly excoriate the suburb in her writings." Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies Fall 2003.

Najarian, James. "Contributions to almighty truth: Stevie Smith's seditious romanticis." "The eccentricity of her poetry--its disparate sources, silly rhythms, and strange rhymes--might bear study. I would argue that it can be fruitfully studied as a pose: by posing as an insignificant doodler, Smith covers up what turn out to be traditional romantic assertions of poetic authority." Twentieth Century Literature 49, 4 (Winter, 2003) [sub ser, questia].

Walsh, Jessica. "Stevie Smith: Girl, Interrupted." "Enacting a poetic spin on Freud's recently born 'talking cure"\' in order to address a number of mental illnesses she carried with her, including obsessive neurosis and severe bouts of depression, Smith repeatedly writes through her childhood, especially in the early works A Good Time Was Had by All (1937) and Tender Only to One (1938)," says Walsh. Papers on Language and Literature 40, 1 (Winter 2004] [sub ser, questia].

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