Barbara Guest (1920-2006)

A selective list of online literary criticism for American poet Barbara Guest, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

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literary criticism

Bernstein, Charles. "Composing Herself: Barbara Guest." On the distinctiveness of Barbara Guest's poetry, in Jacket Magazine 29 (April 2006)

Bernstein, Charles. "Introducing Barbara Guest," Jacket Magazine 10 (Oct. 1999)

DuPlessis, Rachel Blau. Selections from "The Gendered Marvelous: Barbara Guest, Surrealism, and Feminist Reception," in How2, Vol. 1, No. 1 (March 1999)

Gevirtz, Susan. "Belief's Afterimage" [on three 1999 books by Barbara Guest]. Jacket Magazine 10 (Oct. 1999)

Gray, Timothy. "Fictions Dressed Like Water: Aqueous Imagery in the Poetry of Barbara Guest." Jacket Magazine 28 (Oct. 2005)

Hall, Carla. A review of Symbiosis by Barbara Guest / Laurie Reid (Kelsey St. Press, 2000). Reviewed in Electronic Poetry Review #3, 2002

Lundquist, Sara. "Reverence and Resistance: Barbara Guest, Ekphrasis, and the Female Gaze." Contemporary Literature, Vol. 38, No. 2 (Summer, 1997), pp. 260-286 [first page only, blurred, jstor]

Lundquist, Sara. "The Midwestern New York Poet: Barbara Guest's The Countess From Minneapolis." (Burning Deck Press, 1976). Jacket Magazine 10 (Oct. 1999)

Lundquist, Sara. "'Two voices, one joking': the Metapoetic Comedy of Barbara Guest's Poetry." Jacket Magazine 25 (Feb. 2004)

Messerli, Douglas. "The Countess of Berkeley." Messerli reflects on his associations with Barbara Guest, in Jacket Magazine 29 (April 2006)

Mulford, Wendy. "The Architecture Of Dream: The Blue Stairs, by Barbara Guest, Corinth, 1968." Jacket Magazine 10 (Oct. 1999)

Phillips, Rodney. On the New York School poets from the Literary Encyclopedia, 20 December 2004

Sprague, Jane. A review of Miniatures and Other Poems (Wesleyan Univ. Press, 2002). Jacket Magazine 21 (Feb. 2003)

Welish, Marjorie. "The Lyric Lately (a work-in-progress)." A paper delivered at the conference "Where Lyric Tradition Meets Language Poetry: Innovation in Contemporary American Poetry by Women," Barnard College, New York, April 8-10, 1999; Rpt. Jacket Magazine

Jacket Magazine special feature on Barbara Guest with the following articles and poems: Charles Bernstein – Introducing Barbara Guest; Susan Gevirtz – on Barbara Guest; Barbara Guest – from The Confetti Trees; Sara Lundquist on The Countess From Minneapolis; Wendy Mulford on Barbara Guest’s The Blue Stairs; Ramez Qureshi on Barbara Guest’s Rocks on a Platter; John Tranter – poem – The Twilight Guest; Geoff Ward reviews Barbara Guest’s If So, Tell Me; Marjorie Welish: "The Lyric Lately." In Jacket #10, October 1999

An extended, introductory article on Barbara Guest's career, includes list of works and a secondary reading list, from the Poetry Foundation

The Barbara Guest page at the Electronic Poetry Center contains some poems, a short biography, and a list of her works, at SUNY Buffalo

A very brief introduction to Barbara Guest from the Academy of American Poets

Barbara Guest's obituary in the Independent (London), by Geoff Ward, 2/22/06. Another, from the UK Guardian

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