Postcolonial Literature

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Introduction & Definition

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Literary Criticism

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Romanticism & Imperialism

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Web Sites & Journals

Austlit, Australian Literature Resource. Authoritative information on authors and literature related to Australia, from 1780-present. A collaborative project between 12 Australian universities and the National Library of Australia.

Introductions to literary tradition by country. For Australia and New Zealand; for East and Southeast Asia; for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka; for Africa. From the Poetry House project at St. Andrews U.

"Contemporary Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature in English." An overview of Postcolonial writers, ed. George Landow. Includes critical articles about authors, their themes, techniques, and their historical and cultural contexts.

The Emory U Postcolonial literature project provides introductory articles on many postcolonial authors along with lists of primary and secondary resources.

World Literature in English web site extensively covers the subject of postcolonial literature, from Fu Jen U in Taiwan.

Journal of the South Pacific Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies, with special editions on postcolonialism, neo-colonialism, disaporas, postcolonial fictions, and Yorga Wangi: Postcolonialism and Feminism. Impressive articles, not indexed here, but worth browsing. A typical article is Sue Kossew's, "'Women's Words': A Reading of J.M. Coetzee's Women Narrators." There are over 50 full-text articles available, along with access to the full text of scholarly books on postcolonial topics.

Continuum, a thematically based cultural studies journal in Australia, from 1987-1994, cover topics related to Asian, Australian, and multiculturalism in general film, t.v., media studies. Articles are freely available online.

The SOAS Literary Review publishes articles on all aspects of the literatures of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Published by the School of Oriental and African Studies, U of London. Articles are freely available online.

Jouvert: Journal of Postcolonial Studies, explores many facets of postcolonial thought. Published by the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences at North Carolina State U. Articles are freely available online.

Web site for Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature: A scholarly journal devoted to the study of women's literature of all periods and nationalities [Feminist and Women's Studies].

MELUS, published by the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States.

Some postcolonial authors

Achebe, Chinua

Allende, Isabel

Cesaire, Aimee

Coetzee, J.M.

Conrad, Joseph

Dinesen, Isak (Karen Blixen)

Forster, E.M.

Gordimer, Nadine

Kincaid, Jamaica

Kipling, Rudyard

Kureishi, Hanif

Lorde, Audre

Naipaul, V.S.

Okigbo, Christopher

Okri, Ben

Ondaatje, Michael

Rhys, Jean

Roy, Arundhati

Rushdie, Salman

Seth, Vikram

Walcott, Derek

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