José García Villa (1908-1997)

A selective list of online literary criticism for the Filipino-American modernist poet, José García Villa, favoring signed scholarly articles and books, peer-reviewed sources, sources supervised by editors, and web sites that adhere to the MLA Guidelines for Web Sites.

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Casper, Leonard. "A People of Many Pasts and Complex Parts: José Garcia Villa," in New Writings from the Philippines: A Critique and Anthology (1966) Spring 2004. This chapter is available through a subscription service, along with three additional articles by other well-known commentators on Villa: Babette Deutsch, Edith Sitwell, and L.M. Grow [subscription service].

Chua, Jonathan. A review of The Parlement of Giraffes: Poems for Children-Eight to Eighty by José García Villa. Philippine Studies 47, 4 (1999) [free but requires a manual search through PS archives].

San Juan, E. "José García Villa, Filipino Poet-Founder of Modernish Filipino Writing in English." An extended commentary by the well-known Filipino-American cultural theorist E. San Juan, at [free].

Tabios, Eileen, ed. A review of The Anchored Angel: Selected Writings by José García(Kaya: 1999). Reviewer Jean Vengua Gier writes: "Villa's disturbing poetry often seems torn between a 16th century mystical lyricism, and a violent modernism that does not shrink from tearing apart syntax, obsessing on commas, and creating word 'collages' from fragments of poetry and prose by other writers." Pacific Reader Literary Supplement (1999) [free].

Tabios, Eileen. "On José García Villa." Says Tabios, "The Anchored Angel is a 'historical recovery project' -- a book which seeks to recover the works of a poet whose writings undeservedly have lapsed into obscurity, a book which I had envisioned as drawing open the curtain to a stage from which this forgotten poet may begin once more to sing his songs. Jose Garcia Villa was not only a most significant influence on what was a developing English-language literature in the Philippines earlier in the 20th century, but he also was a leading modernist American poet." Remarks by Eileen Tabios, on accepting the Pen Oakland Josephine Miles Literary National Award for The Anchored Angel [free].

Yu, Timothy. "'The hand of a Chinese master': Jose Garcia Villa and modernist orientalism." Says Yu, "Villa's prominent friends and champions--Moore, Edith Sitwell, E. E. Cummings, Mark Van Doren--considered Villa a significant writer, and his work was widely anthologized in collections of modern American poetry of the 1940s and 1950s." On the reasons for Villa's subsequent displacement from the U.S. literary canon. MELUS, Spring 2004 [first half of article only].

"José García Villa." The papers and a collection of the works of José García Villa were recently acquired by Harvard University's Houghton Library [free].

"José García Villa." An overview of the career and writings of Filipino poet Jose Garcia Villa, from [free].

José García Villa's works include Philippine Short Stories, best 25 stories of 1928 (1929); Footnote to Youth, short stories (1933); Many Voices, poems (1939); Poems (1941); Have Come Am Here, poems (1941); Selected Poems and New (1942); A Doveglion Book of Philippine Poetry (1962); The Anchored Angel (1999)

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