Elizabeth Barrett Browning's First Editions

With links to actual page images of the first editions when available at Google Books

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An Essay on Mind, with Other Poems (1826). Duncan, 1826.

Prometheus Bound and Miscellaneous Poems (1833). A translation of Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound.

The Seraphim and Other Poems (1838). London: Saunders and Otley, 1838. Early collection of Elizabeth Barrett's poetry, generally considered the one that launched her reputation.

Poems (1844). 2 volumes. London: Edward Moxon 1844. Volume II

A Drama of Exile: And Other Poems (1845). 2 volumes. Langley, 1845. Volume I

[1846. Elizabeth Barrett marries Robert Browning]

Poems. New edition. In two volumes (1850). London: Chapman & Hall 1850. The first collection of her poems to include the "Sonnets from the Portuguese."

Casa Guidi Windows (1851). London: Chapman & Hall, 1851.

Two Poems by Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning (1854). London: Chapman and Hall, 1854.

Poems (1856). Fourth edition, 3 volumes. London Chapman and Hall, 1856. Volume I

Aurora Leigh (1857). London: Chapman and Hall, 1857. Fifth edition (1860)

Poems Before Congress (1860).

[1861. Death of Elizabeth Barrett Browning]

Last Poems (1862).

The Greek Christian Poets and the English Poets. London: Chapman and Hall, 1863.

[Please note: this list is no substitute for a thorough scholarly bibliography, and does not address the T.J. Wise forgeries, but rather is meant as a handy list of links to first editions available on the internet from Google Books.]

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